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Pete Petersen wy7z at JUNO.COM
Mon Sep 23 11:58:54 EDT 2002

1 - Most-Often Needed 1941 Radio Diagrams by Beitman
2 - As above for 1942.
These are originals, not reproductions, 192 pages, a few creases and
minor spots on the covers but the books are otherwise in very good
condition. $15 each postpaid.

3 - Audio Anthology published by Radio Magazine in 1950. Contains 38
articles from Audio Engineering from May 1947 to December 1949. Soft
cover, 124 pages..
4 - As above published in 1953 with 45 articles from January 1950 to July
1952. Hard cover, 124 pages.
Both contain articles about amp design, speakers and enclosures,
controls, suppressors, and other high tech (for the 50s) stuff.  The
pages in these books are intact and in good condition but the covers are
ugly - lots of wear, dirt spots, corners frayed, spines badly damaged.
Buy them for content at $12 each postpaid.

Pete Petersen

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