FS: Majority of my Heathkits

Joseph W. Lutz tazzie at LOCALNET.COM
Tue Sep 24 18:34:48 EDT 2002


  The interest in the 'greenies' is still there!  There is sooo much
interest, I decided to send an 'ALL HEATHKIT', so to speak.  What I
am going to try to do is pull each unit I have and put power to it,
etc.  The many of the units did work, but everyone knows - sitting
around does not make electrons happy at all.  I do not/not want to
offer a unit up without at least a check - and if it has problems,
they will be noted. I will keep everyone informed as I go through
the 'stash'.  Thanks for all the interest.

"Joseph W. Lutz" wrote:
> Have a bunch of Heathkits that I bought [when I got hooked on them
> again after returning to the states], and their future will probably
> be to sit on shelves, which is not good. - - - etc.

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