Coax Switch Trivia?

Larry Keith kq4by at ROCKETMAIL.COM
Fri Sep 27 19:57:52 EDT 2002

I am in the process of re-doing the shack, after several
years of inactivity.

I removed my two coax switches for a cleaning and some
"restoration".  As I cleaned the switches several questions
cropped up.

Both switches are B&W Model 595 6 position coax switches
(the rectangular ones)that I bought at hamfests, years ago!

Switch number 1 is in a glossy (semi-glossy?) enclosure
that is fastened together with four screws (2 in the top
ends and two in the bottom ends).  The switch knob is
teardrop shaped light-gray (obviously not original!).

Switch number 2 is in textured (not wrinkle) finished
enclosure that fastens together with four screws on the
front.  The knob is a 1" pointer knob with a molded-on
skirt, a white line inlay for the pointer and a shiny metal
circular insert in the center.

I have looked inside both switches and the internals seem
to be identical.

Now the questions?

What is the "correct" knob for these switches?

Which of the switches is older/newer than the other?


Larry, KQ4BY

Larry Keith

kq4by at

l.d.keith at
478-957-3734 (cell)
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