FS: Original miitary radio manuals

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Fri Apr 4 19:46:00 EST 2003

For Sale:  Original military radio manuals: All are 3 hole punched and stapled.
They are slightly yellowed with age and some page edges are a bit frayed in the
outer 1/16".  Many have fold out drawings.

All prices INCLUDE postage within ConUS. I DO NOT accept PayPal, etc. Money
order or check only. Checks may be held for clearance.

AN/ARN-12  Marker Beacon Receiving Set Technical Manual
      AN  16-30ARN12-6  (April 1954)  (Marked 'ADVANCE COPY')  $5
      [No schematics originally in manual]

AN/ARR-13  Radio Receiving Set  -  Handbook of Maintenance Instructions
      AN 16-30ARR13-3 (crossed out)   12R5-2ARR13-2  (15 August 1945)  approx.
30 pages
     [Owner's name on cover
sheet]                                                          $10

AN/GRT-3   Radio Transmitting Set. -  Handbook of Service Instructions
      AN 16-30GRT-3-2  (15 July 1953)  approx 152 pages                    $20

AN/PRC-14 Radio Set - Parts Catalog
     T.O. No. 16-30PRC14-4 (15 Aug. 1953)  approx. 60 pages               $10

AN/URC-4  Radio Set - Handbook of Maintenance Instructions & Parts Catalog
     T.O. No. 16-30URC-4-3  (Rev. 1 Jul. 1952) approx. 25 pages &
     T.O. No. 16-30URC-4-4 (30 Nov. 1953) approx. 18 pages               $12

AN/URW-3  Radio Transmitting Set - Handbook of Maintenance Instructions & Parts
      T.O No. 16-30URW3-3 (1 Dec 1952)  approx. 30 pages &
      T.O. No 16-30URW3-4 (Rev 1 Dec 19252) approx. 28 pages         $10
      (FYI - this is a drone control transmitter manual]

SCR-624-A & SCR-624-B  Radio Set - Handbook of Maintenance Instructions
     AN  16-40SCR624-2  (30 June 1945)  approx. 158 pages                 $20

SCR-720-A, B, C, D  Radio, Radar and Electronics Spare Parts List
    T.O. NO. 16-55-13  (30 June 1945) approx. 50 pages

AN/ARN-5  Radio Receiver Modification Instructions ARN-5A to ARN-5C, ARD-5B to
    T.O. No.
16-30ARN5-101                                                             Free
with another item

If you are interested in more than one item, please email for combined price
Please email me directly (off list) if you are interested in any of the items
listed above.  I have only one of each...  First come, first served. Thanks for

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