For Sale: AN/URM-90 Capacitance-Inductance-Resistance Test Set

Dave Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Thu Apr 10 23:52:04 EDT 2003

AN/URM-90 Capacitance-Inductance-Resistance test set.....$140 plus

This is a self contained unit that can measure the values of resistors,
capacitors and inductors. This unit. It will measure dissipation factors
of capacitors and storage factors of inductors.

This will measure:

       Resistance - 0.1 milliohm to 11 megohms
       Capacitance - 0.1 pf to 1,100 uf
       Inductance - 0.1 uH to 1,100 Henry's
       Dissipation Factor (R/X or D) - 0.001 to 1.05
       Storage Factor (X/R or Q) - 0.02 to 1000

This unit works well and is in excellent condition. It does not have the
cover. It also includes a copy of the manual.

I will ship overseas.

You can check my user ID "n7rk" on Eb*y
for a reference as to dealing with me.

Thanks for looking and 73,

Dave N7RK

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