HF High Power AM Transmitter Project For Sale

Switzer, Emil Emil.Switzer at ITT.COM
Tue Apr 22 14:37:59 EDT 2003

I have the following items for sale. The plan was to build an AM modulated
amplifier using a pair of 813's plate modulated by another pair of 813's
connected as triodes.

Most of the mechanical work on the main amplifier is done.

This package is too large and too heavy to ship. I can deliver to Dayton
this year or am willing to meet someone within 200 miles of Ft Wayne, IN.

I am asking $375 for the entire package. If anyone is interested contact me
and I can email some photos of the individual components.

Parts in package:

-Main chassis and front panel along with sheet metal for top, bottom and
-B&W  HDV coil base plus the following plug in coils
        80 HDVL
        40 HDVL
        20 HDVL
        15 HDVL
        10 HDVL
        another 10 HDVL modified to 17 mtrs (probably not useable with swing
        extra HDv base
-Main tuning capacitor
-Loading capacitor
-output swinging link
-Plate choke
-New Simpson 1327 0-1 mA meter with 01253 bezel
-New Simpson 1327 0-1.5A meter with 01235 bezel
- four 813's (condition unkown)
-four 813 tube sockets
-2 813 filiment transformers (one for amp one for modulator)
-Modulation Transformer
        Collins model 677N200
        425 watts CCS
        100 to 5000 Hz response
                1-3     15000 ohms CT
                4-5     7500 ohms
        Turns Ratio
                1-3  to  4-5    1.4:1
        General Radio  100R
        220 Volts 2KVA
-Input tuning Capacitor
-1.5 x 10 inch piece of Airdux stock for input tuning circuit
-Pole Pig Plate xfmr (removed from oil) 220 pri  approx 2500 sec
-approx 3 foot high rack (pole pig mounted)
-diode and cap bank for power supply
-plate caps
-Misc connectors


MAIN Chassis and from panel
        Panel drilled for meters, switches and lamps

        Top Side (the following items mounted)
                Main tuning Cap
                Coil Base
                Loading Cap
                Tube Sockets
                Plate Choke
                Swinging link
                All shafts and couplings

        Bottom Side
                Fil Xfmr
                Input Cap

Emil Switzer
Senior Staff Engineer
ITT Industries
7310 Innovation Blvd
Ft Wayne, IN 46801-0731
260-451-5321 fax

home phone 260-490-6472

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