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Carlton D. Trotman W3BRX w3brx at AOL.COM
Fri Apr 25 10:48:09 EDT 2003

Hello group.

Want to inform you of a supplier of surplus electronics who sells  electronic
parts, components in small quantities.

Located in York, PA, 17403, formerly Rosen Electronics, in business since
1947, now d/b/a C & H Distributing Company. Aaron Rosen runs the operation.
Nicer guy hard to find, known him for years, He's been my source for surplus
stuff for years. Sells both domestic and foreign, large and small quantities.

Deals primarily in manufacturer's overruns, both discrete and solid state
components/parts, but also units.

Huge inventory. If it is electronic, he's got it somewhere on the street
floor or in the basement. (Toured the basement recently and saw hundreds of
receiving type tubes, 10-15 unused, low voltage, high current power supplies.
Other items too numerous to mention here).

Prices are reasonable AND negotiable, one or a hundred.

Contact information:

                    E-mail: chdist at
                  Website: CHDIST.HYPERMART.NET

Hope you find this source useful.

Carl    W3BRX

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