Radios I used to have

Bill Fuqua wlfuqu00 at UKY.EDU
Fri Aug 8 11:52:38 EDT 2003

The previous posting made me think of my younger years and
the radios I would like to have again. With the cost of these
things now days (ebay prices) you really have to look for bargains
or trades.

If you have any of the following that do not have an X next to them let me
Maybe we can work out a trade.
I have tried to get some of the old radios I had or would have liked to have in
my younger days.

Radios I used ( X means I have one now)
x  S38E
x  HQ129X
x  HQ110AC
     SB301 (have SB303 instead)
     6900 RME

    General Electronics Transmitter (novice 75 watts with plug in coils)
x Challenger
    Homebrew pair of 6146B with plate modulator
x 10A SSB exciter
x 10B
x 20A
   HT4 Transmitter (pre war BC610)

Home brew Amplifiers:
     Pair 6JB6 first Gronded grid amplifier
x  4x 6AG7 in big heat sink ( still have parts including press in heat sink)
     Pair 813
     Pair 250TH
     Pair of 4CX250B
     4-1000A X

Wanted when young but never owned then
    Desk KW
x HQ170
    Collins S line
x 51S1
x Thunderbolt amp  In pieces
x RA17
    CW tx with pair of 450th (like the one I saw at VOA years ago)
x  Viking Valiant ( reason I built the pair of 6146B) tx
     Viking I transmitter
     Squires and Sanders SS-1
     STAR (Collins S line clone)

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