Elecraft, and BPL

John L. Peuhs jlap1939 at YAHOO.COM
Sat Aug 9 14:11:38 EDT 2003


Thanks so much for encouragement about the K2.  In
fact, I went to see the lady an hr ago, and the radio
is NOT even here..(All I have seen is a color
picture)..Thats O.K. except it is her sister who has
it, and she is just here visiting for a few days and
is from Houston...In addition I met her, and she told
me a couple of "radio guys" (hams, obv...) in Houston
are interested, so I may not have much chance..But I
will try for it..

It may be for the best...In case any missed it...I
would want it for the RECEIVER...I am not a ham
operator...but follow radio communications and have
all my life.(I worked with mil. field probs a lot in
the Army, and I just don't feel like talking much...)
It might be better for a deserving ham  (How do you
know if a ham is deserving..??) to get it and put the
whole radio to work...

In any event, I am FIRST of all interested in the
antiques, but have a strong interest in super rigs of
any kind, and have owned a few that I enjoyed the
reception on a LOT. That is why I knew nothing about
Elecraft...I heard or read the name, but had not read
any material (prob in Pop Com or an am. mag. don't

My own at present: Restored/souped up Collins R-390
(non), Restored SP 600, and a rare Teleregister VTVM
receiver amp./monitor that they run into.I spend a lot
of time on the 390, using the old mil. method for SSB,
and having GREAT results..follow hams and a lot of
nets and some pirates..

The good of all this is that my health has improved
recently, and I am almost "in the mood" to put
something together, and, if so, why not the K2? The
level of interest and support for this unit, in
particular the receiver, suggest it is cheap at twice
the price...(If I can put one together O.K.) I did
several Heath  years ago and really enjoyed it. Seems
the directions are as good (according to many), as the
old Heath, so it would certianly be "do-able". At
least I assume you don't have to be a tech. to be

In any event, this has been of interest to me, and
others, and was well worth the time at least to me..

Now, what about that business of BPL...which covers
from 2Mhz to better than 70 Mhz?  Seems it is disaster
for the hams, and very near that for many other
services...I was astounded at the material..(sorry I
didn't put over the address, but it is on the R-390
reflector, from Robert Meyer..  It is "  Slashdot  ")
It covers a lot of how little respect many normal
non-hams have for hams, and the radio services...I was
very unhappy with most of the comments made by the
public about hams...Again, I was not aware..had just
heard the term somewhere...

Enough!! If you havn't seen it.. find it and read
I guess most of you knew a lot about this already...I
have not been very active for a while, so was not up
to date..But I intend to find out more about it...

My regards, and sorry for this excessive length!!!


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