Heath HG-10 dials

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Wed Feb 12 22:57:48 EST 2003

With all the open heart surgery and such, I have
finally gotten the artwork done for the Heath HG-10
VFO dial drum overlays!  Also, I have come up with a
"new" material to use for these that is definitely
better than the large labels that I was using
previously for the various overlays that I have been
able to reproduce.

These differ from the original in that the Heath model
number and part number are not listed.  Otherwise,
they are basically the same and will work on all
versions of the HG-10.

The new drum is made from PVC "tail pipe" material 1.5
inches in diameter.  This is available from most home
improvement centers for under $2 for a piece from 15
to 18 inches long.  It does have to be cut off to 5.75
inches long.  Also, since the PVC is thinner than the
original you do have to spread out the "fingers" on
the end holders.  However, there is plenty of "slop"
on these and it works fine and holds well.

Price for just the overlay is $18.50 postpaid CONUS,
$19.50 postpaid Canada, and $20.05 postpaid for Texas
residents.  Anywhere else please contact me to see
what the postage costs will be.

Price for a complete dial drum is $25.00 postpaid
CONUS, $27.00 postpaid Canada, and $27.06 postpaid
Texas residents.  Again, other locations please
contact me for a total price.

These new dials are not translucent like the original
so you might have to adjust the placement of the dial
lamps.  However, they definitely are not going to
crack like the original!

I am going to put up the information on the zcomco
website that is listed at the end of this message
probably tomorrow.

I also have overlays and drums available for the
Apache, Mohawk, Comanche, and Cheyenne.

Any questions please feel free to contact me.


Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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