FS: Homebrew curio AM transceiver.

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Feb 16 17:52:59 EST 2003

Fascinating Homebrew 6m AM transceiver. 6m rig with an Atwater Kent DIAL
mechanism on receive.
Has a built-in 120V AC power supply with good power cord,
fuse and switch.
Has a 6 function Triplett ammeter with switching for -
Osc., doubler grid, doubler plate, final grid, final plate and modulator plate.
Uses 8 MHz crystals for transmit.
Plate modulator uses two 12AT7s and a 6AQ5 tube.
A really neat old rig. Input for crystal or dynamic microphone.
Has built-in speaker. Really not a bad homebrew job.
Untested, sold as-is.
Case dimensions are  13"  X  10"  X  5"

Will sell for $24.00 plus shipping

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