Tubular capacitors needed for HO-10/SB-610

Larry Knapp kc8jx at YAHOO.COM
Tue Jan 7 15:58:29 EST 2003

I was sent the following eMail from Jim, WB2FCN regarding my request for
"electroylic" capacitors for the HV of the HO-10/SB-610 monitor scope...upon
receiving this I went back to the manuals...and Jim is correct!  Electrolytics
are used in the low voltage (600V/280V/265V not the -1430V) and So now I need
to look for just some non-electrolytic caps.....thanks Jim for setting me
straight & forcing me to re-read the parts list correctly.  Perhaps Mouser or
others have some.  73, Larry KC8JX

************ from Jim WB2FCN *************************************************
Hi Larry, those caps aren't electrolytics, the are tubular wax or "other", I
across some .15uF at 1500 vdc and put them in my SB-610. The job of the caps is
for the voltage tripler the transformer puts out like 300-400 volts and that is
multiplied up to get the high volts for the crt. Unlike the HO-10 which has a
1V2 rectifier and hv winding, those guys are the filter for the rectifier
output across 220K resistor, not much filtering but the crt doesn't need it.

--- Larry Knapp <kc8jx at yahoo.com> wrote:
I'm sure this has been asked many times....but, I would like a source to buy
several electrolytics for my HO-10's and SB-610 monitor scope.  I'm looking
for the .1ufd @1200V and .15ufd @1600V.  Any leads would be deeply appreciated.

Thanks in advance............73, Larry KC8JX

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  Best 73's

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