Audio characteristics of National NC-57

C Stewart nemisis at BRUNNET.NET
Wed Jan 8 00:10:48 EST 2003

G'day folks,

Got my hands on a "dead" NC-57.  Not really dead, but on life support.  It's
audio is very low, even for local stations on the broadcast band.  All the
tubes appear to be working, and tested as "okay"... Was this beast known for
weak audio?  I've got a transistor battery rig that puts this to shame.
Also, the BFO doesn't seem to oscillate, or at least not the way it should.
I'm printing the manual as we speak.  Just wondering if there was any
collective wisdom floating around.  Thanks!
Science has proven that the human body can tolerate nearly everything,
except death.

C. Stewart (VE9CES)
nemisis at

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