For Sale: Various Items

David Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Thu Jan 9 18:22:11 EST 2003

Here is a bunch of stuff for sale. Prices do not include shipping unless


Click on the links for pictures.

Parting out the following radios:

Hallicrafters SX-96
Hammarlund HQ-110
Swan 350

What do you need?

Collins Radio  200 mA meter and Collins Radio 25 mA  meter
2 inch diameter and outside dimensions are 2.25 inches x 2.25 inches
Possibly from a KWS-1? Don't know as I'm not a Collins guy
Both are electrically good but the 25 mA has a cracked glass.........
$50 for the pair

RCA WV-97 VTVM with WR-69A test probe............$30
Has a genuine RCA Laboratory  decal on the top! Working but
needs calibration

Viking Mobile VFO Dial Scale..........$12

Century In-Circuit Capacitor Checker with manual................$35
A compact unit that works great. Requires a "cheater cord" type of power
which I do not have an extra

Allied Radio Knight Kit AM-FM Tuner .........$25
Works great!

McMurdo Silver Model 900 VOMAX VTVM with manual copy (not

GenRad W50MBB Variac Autotransformer - appears new  - $350

Philco Model 38-38 Wood AM/SW Radio  from 1938 (battery radio - nice
shape but untested) - $85

Superior Instruments Model 77 VTVM.  (3 tube unit with a lighted scale.
Inside looks excellent but needs work) ..$20

CTS 15 Inch Speaker From Hammond Organ
Sounds great on my workbench receiver which is an SX-96! This would make

a beautiful speaker for a boatanchor receiver if you have an
enclosure........... $60

National Radio Institute instruction pamphlets and a group of NRI
from the 1960's. Their are 11 of the journals, 1 service notes book and
of study schedule and demonstration booklets and 1964 Golden Anniversary
Some good ads on the Conar Twins in the gold

I will ship overseas.

You can check my user ID "n7rk" on Eb*y
for a reference as to dealing with me.

Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays,

Dave N7RK

Dave  N7RK          
Phoenix, Arizona         *DXCC Honor Roll*    *WAZ#23 - 75 Meter SSB*

            ex-XE2/N7RK, N7RK/ZB2, VK2ERK, ZM0AJN, WB6NRK, WN6IWX

Boatanchor Collector Extraordinaire preferring Hallicrafters, National
and what ever else looks interesting!

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