Dee Almquist w4pnt at VAIX.NET
Mon Jan 13 21:48:54 EST 2003

Well now for the rest of the story, hi. I still have five Quintron HV pwr
supplies out of a 250W paging tx. One I will sell. Specs: 2100v @ 300ma
continuos duty. Metered, nice unit. Also has 30v DC supply inside to run
factory overload system. Standard rack mount. This unit has been tested on
the bench & loaded to 325ma ok. Transformer is tapped to get different
voltages. I think lowest voltage OP is 1KV w/ much more than 300ma. Price;
$125. Shipping is definitely extra & it weighs maybe 80#.
For ham use I have not been able to find a way to use the neat OL system &
key (ptt) same time. Easiest way I found to key is to key the primary relay
wired thru back apron (110V AC) & bypass all the rest of the circuits. That
still leaves all the switching & metering intact. But if you want to try
your hand @ finding a way to use the OL circuit, I will provide relays (plug
ins) & a schematic for the PS.

Next; Quintron paging 250w continuos duty PA amp. Rack mount, very nice
quality, 4CX250 (conduction cooled) presently tuned to 154mz or thereabouts.
Cab is maybe 20" high. I believe it drives w / 300mw. Two ways one can go.
Tune it to 2meters, easy or... there is enough room after gutting the vhf
tank to build a multi band tank circuit w / coils (150 watt or so class "C")
to go on lo band using the original tube. I want $75. for the PA + shipping.
Its made of aluminum so weight probably 30#. I think I might have the docs
on the PA.

I have pics for the 2 units. These units will be available for only couple
of days. After that they will go to auction.
73 es Dee

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