Some more rigs for sale

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Thu Jan 16 21:41:50 EST 2003

Radio Shack DX-150A receiver.
This is the model with the built-in speaker. Excellent working
condition. Shortwave/Amateur Table-Top Receiver for AM, SSB and CW.
Covers 535 kHz to 30 MHz in four bands.
Has main tuning dial and bandspread for the ham bands.
Has AVC, BFO, s-meter etc. Headphone jack on front panel.
Will sell for $85.00 plus shipping.
Picture at:

Gonset Communicator II in near mint condition.
This is the 2m AM transceiver model. Collectors item.
Silver case. Looks just like when it was new.
Will sell for $115.00 plus shipping
Picture at:

Military Surplus Heterodyne Frequency Meter.
Type CKB-74028 in excellent condition with manual.
Untested but looks good.
Available for $50.00 plus shipping
Picture at:

Heathkit SW-717 receiver in excellent condition.
Not a mark on it. Looks like new. Works well.
Comes with schematic and partial manual.
1968 - 1972 era superhet design covers 0.55 - 30 MHz in 4 bands:
550 - 1550 kHz,
2.0 - 5.0 MHz,
5.0 - 12.5 MHz,
12.5 - 30.0 MHz.
Modes AM, CW and SSB
Will sell for $75.00 plus shipping
Picture at:

Globe HG-303 CW Transmitter 80 thru 10m. Has a 6146 final for about 90 Watts
maximum. Crystal control. Metering for plate & grid.
Near mint condition with original box - $150.00
plus shipping.
Picture at:

E_mail me to arrange purchase.

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