Final Reduction: E.F. Johnson Thunderbolt

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Thu Jan 16 21:57:56 EST 2003

OK guys - last chance before it goes to eBay.

First $650.00 takes this T-Bolt in highly superior condx.

On 13 Jan 2003 at 15:57, Brian Carling wrote:

> E. F. Johnson Thunderbolt linear amplifier in very
> good condition.Inside is immaculate, clean shiny almost like new. Has
> full output from a good pair of 4-400A tubes. Outside is extra nice
> with a couple of minor scratches that will clean up easily. Otherwise
> immaculate. Inside looks almost like new above and below deck. This
> amp sparkles.
> Non-original items are the feet (nice new good quality plastic ones)
> and new solid state rectifier replacements have been installed instead
> of 866es. . Front panel has one small sticker that can easily be
> removed. Needs 220V AC  and comes w/good power cord. Also has original
> accessory cord with special connector.
> Was $900.00

Did I mention it comes with the ORIGINAL MANUAL in great shape too?

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