Looking for W3JXP

W2AGN w2agn at W2AGN.NET
Fri Jul 4 17:37:36 EDT 2003

On 4 Jul 2003 at 16:23, boatanchors at mailman.qth.net,  wrote:

> Trying to get in contact with John Passaneau W3JXP, who I believe is on
> the list.

Guess I should have been more clear. I have tried the W3JXP at arrl.net, as
well as his "psu.edu" address, but have not had a response for a week.

I had agreed to purchase an item he had for sale. I agreed to his asking
price. Suddenly, no further response. Thought might be ill, computer
crash, whatever, and had lost my address. I would not think that if it
was a simple change of mind, it would be handled by failing to respond.

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