Good News Bad News Need Something

Colburn kd4e at ARRL.NET
Fri Jun 6 12:17:11 EDT 2003

Bad news first.  Clyde, n7iok at , wrote to say that despite his
earlier certainty that the E.F. Johnson 6n2 device was a transmit
converter it was in fact a receive converter.  So if anyone is looking
for one of those ...

Good news ... found a home for the homebrew Morrow AC supply that has
been compressing my side table for the past few months ... fellow with a
MB-500/MBR-5 pair was excited to find one so now he will put 'em on the

Found a RVP-250 DC supply and a matching receive speaker for my
MB-560A/MBR-5 Morrow twins (selling the other pair).  Any reason I
cannot use a Heath HP-13a to get the HV B+ (or perhaps the Multi-Elmac
supply -- see below)?

Need a manual for a Multi-Elmac PSR-12 6 & 12v DC PS. Scanned is fine.

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e

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