Problems Repairing My Boatanchor Atlas 350XL

Colburn kd4e at ARRL.NET
Fri Jun 13 16:36:49 EDT 2003

The tech working on my seemingly literal boatanchor Atlas 350XL wrote the following:

This is a very well worked over radio. As soon as I get one thing fixed another
problem shows up.

So far I have replaced the pre-driver only to find the driver was defective.
Fixed that only to find the bias transistor was defective. Also the
connections for the PA. bias circuit connections were interchanged. Fixed that
and found the predriver board has been modified. Fixed that to find the sidetone
pot was broken away from the circuit board. The SWR adjust pot had two of the
three connections broken. I noticed the screws missing from the back cover of
the compartment containing the ALC SWR circuitry. I do not know what I will
find when I get into that. Also the covers over the RF coils are missing.

After finding a few more mistakes I was able to get 180 watts output on 160
80 40 and 20 meters.15 and 10 are zero. I tried alignment again but no luck.
I also discovered the transmit audio is very distorted .

He has now suggested that I consider disassembling and selling the thing off
piece by piece to recover my original $175. investment, plus his repair costs
of $200., plus shipping.

Unless someone has some real good ideas as to how to resolve the remaining
problems without a major additional repair bill I guess parting the thing
out is my only good option -- unless someone wants to buy it as-is for $375.
plus shipping from the repair shop.

Shame too since I have also gathered up the rare Swan mobile docking station
and an empty matching power supply case.  (Have another piece of change in them.)

Live and learn ... sigh ... 73, doc kd4e

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