FS: Hammarlund Super Pro (2)

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sat Jun 14 17:43:20 EDT 2003


Hammarlund Super Pro receivers needing restoration,
but basically almost all there, or use them as parts rigs.
I have two of these. Both are missing several tubes, but
the dials look good. You might put tubes into one or both
and find that they play OK.

No guarantee - one also needs a replacement antenna
trimmer cap installed,  but useful as a project to build one
out of the two or as "parts rigs."
Rack-mount style with no covers.

These are not "pretty" radios, neither are they covered in crud!
They are NOT in working condition and will require some work.

I have two of these at $85.00 each, plus shipping.

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