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>This is big news for HAMCOM...If you can make it come on down!!!!

de W1PE Bob

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>The Lone Star DX Association is proud to announce a double barreled DX
>luncheon program at noon Saturday during Ham Com 2003 and the ARRL
>National Convention this coming weekend at the Arlington Convention
>Center in Arlington TX.  In addition to world class DXer Bernie
>McClenny, W3UR, presenting his program on the AH3D Johnston Island 2003
>DXpedition, the LSDXA announces the addition of Steve Norris, K5ZP/YI9A,
>of San Antonio, the first American issued an Iraq license during the
>recent conflict, to the luncheon program, LSDXA President Bill Priakos
>has announced.  Norris, who has also held the following calls HL8EN,
>GW/K5ZP, and M0/K5ZP, is an Air Force veteran and currently a civilian
>contract satellite intelligence program manager to the U.S. Air Force.
>He was first licensed in 1972 as WN8NCL.  Norris is a third generation
>ham, his father is KB8LOV, mother KB8QLM, a brother KB8MBC, and his
>grandfather is WA8HVM.
>McClenny and the AH3D team made 28,804 QSOs from Johnston Island.  The
>base is being cleaned up in preparation for its decommissioning as a
>U.S. facility.
>Norris' YI9A license was issued in a joint effort by U.S. military
>authorities and lcoal Iraqi authorities.  His operation in early April
>from one of former Iraq President "Saddam Hussein's officer's chow
>halls" was short due to military restrains and job commitments and the
>fact that he didn't want to become a target for the U.S. military who
>were attacking suspicious radio broadcasts.  "Besides it was hard to
>hold a mike in one hand and an M-16 in the other." he said.  Because of
>military restrictions Norris could not give his exact QTH in Iraq, but
>he added "because every soldier carried a radio" the noise level was 20
>over 9 at his location.  Norris will return to Iraq in mid July, again
>because of military restrictions he cannot give the exact date, but "I
>should be able to operate for a lot longer." he said, and from at least
>two different locations within the country.
>The limited number of tickets ($35 each) that remain for the luncheon
>will be available at both Ham Com registration in the lobby of the
>Arlington Convention Center and at the LSDXA booth.
>ARRL West Gulf Division
>Director: Coy Day, N5OK
>n5ok at arrl.org
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Best 73's  Bob W1PE
Mesquite, TX 75149

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