[Boatanchors] ALERT: AM Under Attack - WA3VJB

rayfri rayfri at NETWORLD.COM
Fri Jun 20 20:12:29 EDT 2003

I agree with david.  The guy probably doesnt have enough self discipline to
be able to get a ticket.  I also believe he is  a case of what
Shakespeare said.....
"the sound, the fury, signifying NOTHING".....

David Harmon wrote:

>My personal belief is a fresh look should had into whatever it would
>take to get rid of people like you.
>Why do you send messages like this when the FCC has nothing to do with
>It's hard to grow when you have eaten shoes all your life....I bet
>that's why your brain aint working very good....
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>I do not hold and have never held a "ticket".
>My understanding is that some years ago the scarce radio spectrum was
>carved up into commercial sectors and amateur sectors.   Amateurs were
>initially allowed fairly broad scope but were eventually limited to what
>they were allowed to do on the air.
>My personal belief is that a fresh look should be had into what amateur
>radio is all about and why amateurs should be given access to the radio
>On the other hand, the public cannot be happy with TVI and its variants,
>or the ham that makes his florescent lights glow at night.
>I would like to grant people the possibility of one-way broadcasting of
>a non-commercial nature or even the right to broadcast music if they
>The current amateur service has evolved into a social outlet for a small
>number of mainly aging males but serves any broader purpose less and
>If it is to survive, hams will have to agree to cough up more for their
>tickets to pay for effective enforcement.
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