[Boatanchors] ALERT: AM Under Attack - WA3VJB

John Kolb jlkolb at CTS.COM
Fri Jun 20 21:17:32 EDT 2003

On Fri, 20 Jun 2003, Bill Fuqua wrote:

>         Now 2.8KHz for SSB and 5.6 KHz for AM are now equivalent audio
> bandwidths. 6KHz is more appropriate.

This subject seems both off-topic and out of control, but let me
point out one more thing.

With a proper BFO setting a 2.8 kHzx BW for SSB would be
transmitted audio freqs of 300 to 3100 Hz. Thus the proper
AM BW would be 6.2 kHz to get up to 3100 Hz in the audio

And to respond to a previous post, I see no requirement
that one must be a ham to join this list - one desn't
have to be a ham to love tube type gear.

John  KK6IL   SWL with an Extra Class (old test) license

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