Drake Dial Filters (Was TR-4)

Garey Barrell k4oah at MINDSPRING.COM
Tue Jun 24 20:28:21 EDT 2003

Pete -

I tried a "stained glass" colorant once and it darkened within a few
days.  I was told by the manufacturer that their product was intended
for glass used for lamp  _shades_  and windows, not for high
temperature bulbs.

I do leave my R-4's on all the time, but I suspect they reach maximum
temperature within 30 minutes or so.

I live about 5 miles from Norcross, so may try to look them up.   By
the way, Norcross is also the site of the first Vibroplex
manufacturing "plant" !

73, Garey - K4OAH

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From: "Pete Petersen" <wy7z at JUNO.COM>

> I think Don N7OO is referring to Great Glass staining medium by
> Enterprises, Norcross GA. A two ounce bottle cost me $2.06 a few
> ago from a craft shop. It provides a transparent, colored surface
> flowed onto a glass plate or whatever. Light bulbs can be colored by
> dipping them and hanging them upside down to dry.
> Pete Petersen

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