Drake T4X finals - substitutions?

Bob And Bettina Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Thu Jun 26 22:53:52 EDT 2003

A good friend just put his 'new' T4XB on the air and he has a question
on substituting 6146's for the finals - see his email below.

> Hi Bob, Well I put the T4XB and power supply together last night for a test .
> Power out a little low on 80 and 40 meters.
> Drops off really low 20 meters and above.  I suspect the 6JB6 finals. Since they are the hottest failure item.
> Checking on prices of them on the net.
> Mostly EXPENSIVE!  Going to have to shop around.
> Sylvanias and RCAs seem to be the tubes of choice.
> There is a guy selling kits to do a 6146W mod. And he guarantees it.
> Thought for now though I would try to get it working with 6JB6s
> 73

Has anybody tried this or have any recommendations along this line?

Bob Groh, WA2CKY

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