FS: Rare Globe Electronics VHF-62 Transmitter

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sat Mar 1 09:48:15 EST 2003


Globe Electronics Hi-Bander model VHF-62 Transmitter.
RARELY seen. This rig runs 60 watts AM and CW on both
6 meters and 2 meters.
Equipment is in fairly good shape. The inside looks
VERY good.
Tubes: 6146 P.A. final and modulator type 6L6GB.
Has a built-in 120V AC power supply, modulator etc.
Provision is made for VFO input or crystal control.
Pilot lamps for power & plate.
Front panel controls are: AC off-Mic Gain,
Function switch for: AM/STBY/TUNE/STBY/CW,
Osc. Tune, Buffer Tune, Band selector 2m/6m,
Final Grid Tune,  Antenna load, Final plate tune,
Meter switch for Osc./Buffer/PA Grid/PA Plate.
On the rear panel there are two fuses, Mic input,
Accessory plug, and SO-239 connectors
for 2m and 6m antennas.

This is a really cool piece of equipment and
they only sold a small number of them.
Must be one of a handful still in existence.
Will sell for $159.00 plus shipping

Picture and details at:

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