James Tolar w5sqe at INAME.COM
Tue Mar 25 14:45:22 EST 2003

In 1952, about a year after getting my first ham license, I traded my Harvey Wells TBS-50D for a war surplus shipboard cw transmitter. I have been trying to remember(a skill that has disapated somewhat) what the rig was. I believe it was a Federal FT-102. It was in a 6 ft high by about 19inch wide cabinet. The rf part was in the top, and hinged out and down. In fact, if not careful, on your head! The rf section had a vfo, followed by a number of 6L6s(or 1614s), followed by a pair of 813s.
The rig was tuned by following settings in the instruction book. Below the rf section was an opening for a receiver, and an operating shelf extended forward from the bottom of the receiver opening. Below that was the hv power supply compartment.
Can anyone venture an opinion, or guess as to which transmitter this was, and on what type of vessel it was used?
This is just to satisfy my curiosity.

Jim Tolar  W5SQE (since 1951)  Houston, TX
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