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Wally Gibbons rockwall at SOURCEONEINTERNET.COM
Sun Mar 30 00:18:07 EST 2003

Springtime is here, time to work on cleaning the basement.
The following items are for sale. Shipping is additional. Prices are
merely initial starting values. I could be coerced into trades for
things which interest me or I need. I could use some type 22 tubes NOS,
or I've been looking for one of those Heathkit power supplies, hi
voltage, adjustable, with voltage and current meters. If your interested
in any of this, please get in touch with me and I'll provide more
physical condition details, negotiate pricing, etc, etc.

3 KAAR CH-25 AM/SSB 100 watt transceivers. Made by Canadian Marconi.
Fixed frequency by crystals, 6 channel. These have the ~80 meter coil
sets in them. One 12 volt, one 110VAC, one a parts set. The two complete
ones work fine. I have the operation and service manuals. $150 for the
1 Heathkit Marauder, no cabinet. Broken dial cord. $50.00
1 Heathkit HW-22 40 meter single bander, cracked meter case but movement
is ok. I have no power supply. $50.00
1 Heathkit HW-17 two meter AM rig. $40.00
1 Lavoie LA-6 100-500 mhz frequency meter. $40.00
1 Bogen tube AM/FM mono tuner. Works great. $75.00
1 Dynaco FM-3 stereo tuner. Works great. $100.00
1 HP-212 Pulse Generator. $25.00
1 Eico 315 signal generator. $20.00
1 Tektronix 2213 60 mhz dual channel oscilloscope. $150.00
1 National NC-300. $250.00
1 Hallicrafters SX-111. $200.00
1 Fisher 500C, nuvistor front end, no output tubes (I'm saving them for
spares for my McIntosh). Not real pretty, no bottom plate or cabinet but
it works. Sounds great. $100.00

Wally Gibbons
rockwall at

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