FS: ARC-131 Radio

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Sun Mar 30 03:05:26 EST 2003

For Sale:  AN/ARC-131 VHF Transceiver.  Description from Fair Catalog:

Covers 30-76 MHz FM in 920 channels, 50 KHz steps. Output 1 watt in LO; 18 W max
HI at 29 VDC. RT has Squelch Disable, Squelch Adjust, Test-switch and Meter to
monitor +24 V-+16 V-AGC-RF FWD-RF REFL-OFF. Control box provides channel
selection, Volume, Squelch, OFF-TR-RETRAN HOME switch. RT has some modules in
common with
RT-524/VRC-12. Requires 24-29 VDC 4 amp max.  7.8x5.9x15.6, 31 lbs sh. Used
w/out control box,

$150.00 plus shipping from 02139. US Sales ONLY.  This untested, but a nice,
clean unit. Please email off-list if interested.

Thanks for looking,

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