** Wanted to buy Home Broadcasters, Phono Oscillators, and Babysitters!

ed sharpe esharpe at USWEST.NET
Fri May 2 00:13:06 EDT 2003

Ok the latest tangent for a future display are:

Home Broadcasters, Phone Oscillators and Babysitters!

looking  for the acual items of course, but to go along with that,  advertisements, and  some first hand oral history  about your early experiences and  fun and  trouble yuo got into etc etc  regarding these devices!  

It would be interesting to now how many folks that  enjoyed these went into some form of boradcasting.....

Three that I remember myself were the 

 knight kit little  blue unit with the 50c5's in it ( had loads of fun with one of these! This baby would be fun to play with again!)

the RCA Unit ( I almost remember this having a pentode or a pentagrid  tube in it.....

Lafayette unit... Did not have one but always looked in the catalog at it.

Was  there also a heathkit unit?  I seem to think so but a catalog check will  fill in the details of it's existence.

a close brother to the home broadcaster  was the 'baby sitter' and knew people when I was young that kludged extra inputs and preamps onto these.....  

Yep want examples of all of them! cash, trade, free... whatever!

But most of all want some history of  peoples involvement with them to add to the section on the web site.

Thanks Ed Sharpe archivist for SMECC

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