Heath Cabinets For Sale

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sun May 4 16:44:24 EDT 2003

I have two Apache style cabinets that have been
completely reconditioned.  Both had some rust on them
to start with so they now have a wrinkle (not deep)
finish on them and are painted in Apache green.  They
also have new rubber feet.

One is actually from an Apache and can be used on the
Apache, Mohawk, Warrior, DX-100B, and I believe the
Marauder.  Got this one in partial payment for
painting another Apache cabinet.

The other is an Apache type cabinet (has the exact
door on top, etc.), but was originally drilled for
standard rack mounting.  However, someone drilled and
tapped the additional holes for the Heath equipment so
this one can be used for either a standard 10.5 inch
rack panel or with the Heath gear.  I got this when I
obtained a DX-100 (not 100B) a couple of years ago.  I
finally obtained a true DX-100 cabinet several months
ago so this one is surplus.

Both are in excellent condition.  The only difference
between these and the original cabinets is the wrinkle
finish.  However, the rust spots would not cover with
normal painting techniques!  They were finished just

I have seen Apache cabinets go on eBay for between $75
and $100 lately that were in definite need of
painting.  You can have either one of these for $140
plus shipping from 75080.  I get not much less for
just doing the paint job!

Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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