Dow Key Coax relays and other coax switches FS

Ken Simpson, W8EK W8EK at FDT.NET
Mon May 5 18:24:07 EDT 2003

For Sale:

Coax antenna relays:

Regular DowKey antenna relay like we used in the
1960's.  Has 110 V AC coil, and auxiliary DPDT
contacts in addition to the standard SO-239 coax
portion.  This one is still in its original box,
complete with packing material.  Box says "Dow
Key Coaxial Relay, 52 ohm, DK-60, 1000 Watts,
No 2004 A, Voltage 105 V AC"    $ 45

DowKey antenna relay, similar to above, but
just the coax relay itself.  The coil on this one is
6 V AC, so it is made to be used off of the filament
line.  Nice condition, but not new.  $30

Manual coax antenna switches:

B & W Model 376 Coax Switch
This will switch up to 5 antennas, grounding all unused
antennas.  It also has a ground position that will ground
ALL antennas connected to it.  It has SO-239 connectors,
with the coax going out like spokes of a wheel.  It also
has a bracken, permitting it to be wall mounted, if wanted.
This one is good condition.  Works 100%.  $ 35

Heath 4 position Coax Switch
Five SO-239 connectors, with coax going out like
spokes of a wheel.  This one does NOT ground all of
the unused connectors.  Good shape for $ 25

Generic 3 position Coax Switch
3 position switch with SO-239 connectors.
Small rectangular box, with the 3 switched connectors
coming out the rear, and the common coming out the
front. Very nice condition for $ 15

MFJ 1702, Two position Coax switch
Actually, the switch has 3 positions.  One for each of
the 2 antennas, and a third to ground both antennas.
Constant impedance type design in heavy die cast
enclosure.  Like new.  $20

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

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