Dee Almquist w4pnt at VAIX.NET
Wed May 14 15:08:07 EDT 2003

Hi Fellow BA'rs
I have for sale a commercial grade, 1/2 sized rack mounted 5 chan (2 XLR
inputs) Micro-Trak PM5 MX, SS in good operating condition. Has local cue (&
speaker built in), off, PGM mode switched each channel. 600 ohm line, &
level meter. Yes I have pics. Its neet with  "eye" push buttons & all. This
came from a studio. Cosmetics is presentable but long way from perfect. It
has been in sevice for yrs. I serviced it a yr ago, expermented w/ it for
audio for my AM station. It does have a fault. RF in the shack shuts it
down! My antennas are too close to my boatanchor repair shop & I have no
ground system yet. But if coax is used & your gear is shielded, grounded (as
it should be anyway), it probably will work well. Am asking $75. + shipping.
Or I will take trade toward Johnson Ranger cabs.
I have a copy of the manual that goes with it.
73 es Dee

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