Building Old Kits??

Charles W. Morehouse w4gbw at BREVARD.NET
Thu May 29 03:45:29 EDT 2003

Hi. Paul,
Yes there is much to worry with about NOS components.  New components
are smaller and have better tolerances.  Old carbon composition
resistors can change value even if never used. The metal film power
resistors are very good.  I use nothing but metal film 1% resistors.  As
for caps.  Ceramic and mica caps are usually OK.  Be wary of paper,
tubular and mostly electrolytics..  Electrolytics can dry out with age.
 Recommend you get a Heathkit capacitor checker and test them all.  Old
electrolytics will need to be reformed so they don't short or explode
when powered up.  Always use a variac at first power up .Mouser has a
great selection of all the values that you will need and they are not
expensive.  Those are my rules when restoring the oldies. Up to my butt
in heathkits here.  Good luck, have fun and 73.

pjhend at wrote:

>Hi Folks,
>I'm getting ready build a few old unassembled heathkit's and other kits
>from the 1960's and 1970's. I was wondering if I have to worry about the
>original components degrading with time, or, should they still be ok if
>never used in a circuit? Particularly, the capacitors and resistors.
>Anything to worry about? Thanks for the help!
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