GLR-9 & SR-209 Manual Copies ... LAST CALL

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Fri May 30 21:49:16 EDT 2003


LAST CALL for those interested in these manual copies


If you have emailed me, we're all set and I will get back to you with totals and
payment address. This note is for those who wait until the last moment.


There was a recent post asking about GLR-9 info. I have turned up my copy of
that manual and some others for the same system. If you are interested in
copies, please email me directly OFF LIST.

Making these copies is a lot of work, so I will do this ONE TIME ONLY. If you
are interested, you must email me by June 1, 2003 and payment must be received
by June 9th. The page count is approximate and the price is roughly my cost. You
may have to paste some oversize pages together.

Here's the list:

These will be made from my copies:

AN/GLR-9 (V)  by US Gov't Printing Office 1972 O-470-689   (~350 pages)   $24.00

SR-201P-1/AFC  Tuning Head (30 to 100 MHz)            (~50 pages)          $4.00

SR-203P  Tuning Head  (250 to 500 MHz)                (~50 pages)          $4.00

SR-204P  Tuning Head  (490 to 1000 MHz)               (~50 pages)          $4.00

SH-270-P1 Tuning Head (20 to 70 MHz)                  (~50 pages)          $4.00

These will be made from originals:

PHU-201-2B  Power Housing Unit                        (~50 pages)          $4.00

FRO-201P-2  Frequency Readout (0.05 to 300.00 MHz)    (~100 pages)         $8.00

SDU-102AP, AP-FM, 103AP  Signal Display Unit          (~150 pages)        $12.00

SR-209-13  Receiver                                   (~150 pages)        $12.00

All prices do NOT include shipping via USPS from 02139. I DO NOT take PayPal.


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