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Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Mon Nov 3 07:27:48 EST 2003


Heathkit HM-11 Wattmeter - NEAR MINT
Comes with the original box and manual.
Looks like it has never been used.
For the serious Heath collector. Has no scratches, or marks whatsoever.
Will sell for $35.00 plus shipping

Heathkit HS-24 external speaker
With cable and is in excellent condition - $35.00 plus shipping

Heathkit GP-11 Mobile Power supply.
Runs on 12V DC from automobile. Designed to power ham radio equipment while
driving or portable.
Available for $50.00 plus shipping

E.F. Johnson TVI Filter
Best looking one I have seen. Extra clean. has the two SO-239 connectors and is
rated for 1000 Watts.
Very shiny and nice-looking shape. $25.00 plus shipping

Signal Source 14 MHz crystal transmitter/oscillator
SO-239 adapter for output.
Great for use as a test oscillator or maybe even as
a 14 MHz QRP transmitter.
Comes with one HC-6/U crystal just above 20m band.
Will sell for $16.00 plus shipping

Waters Antenna Coax switch - 2 Position
Has SO-239 connectors, and is in good shape with the front panel included.
Will sell for $19.00 plus shipping

Pictures and details for all of the above items may be found at:

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