[Fwd: Need W-5M parts]

Charles W. Morehouse w4gbw at BREVARD.NET
Mon Nov 24 22:34:59 EST 2003

Hi Folks,
Rebuilding/restoring the Heathkit amp from scratch.  Got a rusty chassis, some
terminal strips, sockets and misc parts.  Found a power transformer and
choke at a hamfest.  Peerless output transformers are not to be found
but found a suitable Hammond and potted it in a Peerless look alike case
painted hammertone. Refinished and lettered the chassis.  Turned out
great.  Problem.  The tube cage on this amp and several others is held
on with snap on fasteners.  I need four of the springs that mount under
the chassis and the four matching snap parts that mount on the tube
cage.  Have searched all the hardware manufacturers and they are not to
be found.  Might any of you fine folks have some in the junk
box or perhaps  still on a trashed amp?  Help will be appreciated.  73

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