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Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sat Oct 4 09:16:29 EDT 2003


Cox Electronics audio compressor. Great for AM ops.
Use with internal 3 X AA batteries or external 4.5V power
(Not supplied)
Very good condition - $45.00

Heathkit HS-24 speaker - excellent.
The HS-24 was used with a number of rigs HW-12, HW-101,
SB-101 etc.With cable and is in excellent condition - $35.00

Protax Model 376 - A 5-position rotary antenna switch.
With SO-239 connectors and dial plate.
Excellent condition - $45.00 plus shipping

Split Stator 35 pF plus 35 pF variable capacitor
Type MCD-35SX - heavy duty with ceramic base.
QTY 1 available for $6.00 plus shipping

National Radio Company SPP-3 ceramic tube plate caps.
Brand new in unopened bags.
QTY 2 available for $4.00 each

Collins Mechanical I.F. Filters:
Type F455-Z5 USB Crystal Filter - $45.00
Type F455-Z4 LSB crystal filter - $45.00
(Use both of the above with a 455 kHz crystal
to receive and generate SSB signals.

Will sell the pair for $75.00

Pictures and details at:

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