FS: Homebrew Parts, Tubes etc.

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Mon Oct 13 10:15:27 EDT 2003


Plug-in coil - 4 pins
Standard 4-pin base has 9 turns of 26 a.w.g. enamelled copper wire.
1.5" diameter X 0.5" long.
Available for $5.00 plus shipping

Pair of adjustable tank coils
Each is 1-1/2" diameter and about 5 inches long.
Multiple adjustable taps for experimenting or changing inductance.
Taps are brought out to terminals on the ends.
Top coil has three windings consisting of 13, 11 and 20 turns.
Lower coil has 44 turns. Looks like silver plated copper wire.
Approx. 16 gauge. One coil former has a couple of small chips
Will sell the pair for $8.00 plus shipping.

New 5-pin Ceramic Socket for 807 tubes.
Looks excellent - shiny ceramic. Never used.
Has U.S. Navy stamp on ity - looks like new.
QTY 1 available for $4.00 plus shipping

National Radio Company OCTAL SOCKETS - ceramic
Pair of these for sale, new in the bags.
Will sell for $8.00 plus shipping

E.F. Johnson 7-pin Socket
New in the box - a rare find!
QTY 1 only - available for $2.00 plus shipping

4-pin Tube Socket - phenolic
QTY 1 available for $1.00 plus shipping

7-pin miniature EXTENDER SOCKET
Has side terminals for testing and diagnostic uses.
Insert between tube and socket to attach meter, scope probes etc.
QTY 1 available for $8.00 plus shipping

Octal Tube Extender Socket
Useful for extending the reach of a tube. You can
easily add side taps to the socket to attach test leads etc.
QTY 1 available for $5.00 plus shipping

Tube Retaining Clamp
For retaining octal sized tube bases in their sockets.
QTY 1 available for $1.00 plus shipping

Pair of Tube Retaining Clamps Dimensions - outer ring is 2.5" Diameter.
Inner retaining diameter is 2"
Will sell the pair for $3.00

RCA 815 Tube in good used condition.
Has the cool-looking dual plate caps on top.
QTY 1 available for $8.00 plus shipping

Sleeve of three brand new 6CL6 transmitter/driver tubes<br>
Power pentodes, as used in Collins, Heath and many other rigs.<br>
Will sell the set of three tubes for $10.00

Pair of used, tested JAN-Sylvania 807 transmitting tubes
in good condition. Full output.
$24.00 plus shipping

Pictures, details and MORE radio bits and pieces at:


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