F:" Hallicrafters SX-28/R-42 Speaker/2 cases/ WW2 framed Hallicrafters ad.

Scott Goldstein sgpnet at EARTHLINK.NET
Fri Oct 17 17:52:46 EDT 2003

I finally have all the pictures completed on my SX-28 Skyrider.

The best price for the whole package in the Los Angeles area takes
it.(or I'll ship it if the buyer makes the arraignments.) I don't have
the time)
First $500 dollar offer takes it.

Here's what you get in the Package

1) the Radio in a military case (with extra glass vu meter cover that
goes over the left dial)

2) the standard SX 28 case

3) a Hallicrafters R-42 speaker

4) a framed original ad for the radio from the War.
Sorry for the delay in posting this. Please get it out of here before my
wife kills me.

The radio in working order(can use a tune up I'm sure).

I am not a ham radio collector or electrician



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