FS...Electronic Load

JR Linden K7PUR k7pur at AZLINDEN.COM
Sat Oct 18 14:33:45 EDT 2003

Before putting it on the other site, I'd like to offer here, a Transistor
Devices, Inc. electronic load, model DLR 50-15-150A.  Granted the glowing
sets don't need an electronic load but for testing power supplies, etc. they
are priceless.  This has three voltage scales, 6-18-60 and three current
scales, 1.8-6-18, all metered.   It does not have current calibration but I
compared it to a calibrated supply and it is very, very close.  This is in
nice condition with no cables or manual.  I'm having trouble with my web
site but if anyone is interested, please email me and I'll send pictures.
After the web site returns I put it on the internet auction.  I'd take $85
plus shipping from Arizona.  Tnx....JR  K7PUR

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