Heath, Johnson, WRL cabinets for sale

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Tue Oct 21 23:44:01 EDT 2003

I have several Heath cabinets that have been
reconditioned and really need to get out of the house
(my wife is getting a "bit" testy and wants the guest
bedroom that I have been storing these in back before
Thanksgiving when my youngest daughter and her husband
are coming from Atlanta to visit!).

The first is a cabinet for the DX-35 (will also fit
the DX-40).  Completely reconditioned including new
rubber feet.  Painted in the "correct" Heath gray
after a crackle finish had been applied.  Has a
reproduction crystal door cover.  The price for the
cabinet is not much more than what some are getting
for just the paint job.  $90 plus shipping from 75080.

Have two cabinets for the Heath DX-20 (will also work
on the Heath HX-11).  Both have reproduction crystal
hole plugs (less the large plastic knob).  One of them
is completely "stock".  The other has had the rear
opening increased by about 1 inch on one side.
Completely reconditioned including new rubber feet.
$90 for the "stock" one and $80 for the one with the
enlarged rear opening.

Have two cabinets that can be used with the Apache,
DX-100B, Mohawk, Warrior, etc.  Both are painted the
correct Apache green.  However, because of problems in
the surface of both cabinets (both had some pitting
due to rust), I put a light crackle finish on both.
Looks great!  One is the "stock" Apache cabinet and
the other is an "after market" cabinet that is
actually a 19 inch table rack that holds a 10.5 inch
high rack panel.  However, in addition to the "normal"
rack spaced screw holes there are also holes that
match with those used by Heath on the Apache, etc.
Both have brand new rubber feet.  $110 for either one
plus shipping from 75080.

Have one each cabinet for the Cheyenne (MT-1) and the
Comanche (MR-1).  I believe that these will work on
the SSB mobiles as well.  These also have a slight
crackle finish (due to rust pitting!) and are finished
in the correct Apache green.  $85 each or both for
$160 plus shipping.  These are left over from the two
Cheyenne and Comanche units that I used to make one
each from.

Have one each cabinet that came "stock" on the WRL
Globe Chief 90 (not the "shadow" type of the 90A).
This is refinished in a light crackle with Collins St.
James gray finish.  I can repaint it to one of the two
colors that was used on the Collins S-Line, with the
Heath gray like on the DX-35, or the gray with a
"hint" of blue like on some of the Heath SB-Line
equipment.  Also have a reproduction label like was
used on many WRL transmitters that I will attach to
the cabinet (or supply "loose") at no additional
charge.  I believe that the same cabinet was used on
the Globe Scout 65 and 680 series as well as a couple
of other transmitters.  $85 plus shipping.

Have one each cabinet of the size that was used on the
Johnson Valiant, Pacemaker, 500, and several other
rigs.  This one has a hole in the back to mount a
blower.  I can put a plate across the hole and paint
it to match, put some type of perforated plate
(painted to match), or leave it alone!  Whatever is
your pleasure.  $110 plus shipping from 75080.

All of these prices are not much more than the cost of
the paint job alone.  Also, I will exchange cabinets
for the price of painting alone if the cabinet sent in
is in good shape physically (paint job doesn't

Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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