SX-117 10.15 Meter problem

Richard H. Arland richard.arland at VERIZON.NET
Fri Oct 24 16:49:54 EDT 2003


A long time friend of mine just sent me a SX-117 as a "project". It seems to
work fine on 80-40-20M but on 15 and 10M signals are hard to tune.
Especially on 10M.

Listening to a sig gen (HP 606D) on 10 M with no modulation I can detect the
signal but there seems to be another AC component on that incoming signal.
Same with the xtal cal signal on 10. It is also noticeable on 15 M but to a
much lesser degree. The cal/gen sigs sound fine on the lower three bands.

When trying to tune in a CW or SSB sig on 10M the distortion is so bad you
can tell there is a voice sig there but cannot understand the op.

One other thing, varying the RF gain control would change the freq of the
incoming sig on 10 (really noticable) and 15M (barely noticeable).

Has anyone run into this type of problem on a 117 or similar receiver? I
suspected the .1 disc bypassing the RF gain control, but maybe not. I
haven't changed it out yet.

Any help would be appreciated.

73 Rich K7SZ

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