Halli SX-117

Richard H. Arland richard.arland at VERIZON.NET
Sun Oct 26 09:29:19 EST 2003

I need the following crystals to align the set's preselector:

9.5 MHz & 18 MHz CR-18/U holders.

Also needed are the folllowing to complete the band selector xtal bank:

16.0 MHz (10 MHz WWV)
16.5 MHz (30 Meters)
21.5 MHz (15 MHz WWV)
24.5 MHz (17 Meters)
31.0 MHz (12 Meters)
34.5 MHz (10 Meters)
35.5 MHz (10 Meters)
36.0 MHz (10 Meters)

If anyone is parting out a SX-117 and has these xtals that they want to
sell, or if you have a selection of CR-18/U xtals that fall within this
range you want to sell, please e-mail me directly.

73 es Tnx

Rich K7SZ

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