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Hi Gang
First off I want to thank all who responded to my inquiry about GK500, etc. 
Globe King 500.
Unfortunatly, there doesn't seem to be enuf investment interest in refinishing this series of radios. The last thought on pricing for a set, btw, was $600. for the "B" & "C:" models. And that if I get more than one radio to do. The 1st run would be done @ a loss most likely. So I will leave the GK500 screening policy the same as I did for the Johnson 500. Come up with 3 or 4 complete panel jobs & I will invest in art work & screens. You fellows know who owns GKs. 

Yes I now do the Johnson 500. And they are NICE1
The price for complete job is $450.

The R390(A) radio.
I am now doing these radio panels @ $125. front side. I can also do the back if you kike for $225 both sides (twice the work).

Johnson Vik-II
I have asked this question before. Is there any interest in refinishing this radio @ $350. complete? Thats the same price as a Valiant, btw.
I would have to come up with artwork & screens. I own one of these so I can easily do that. And because of that I would be willing to "roll into production" starting with two jobs. Still I NEED TO KNOW HOW MANY ARE INTERESTED IN SPENDING THAT KIND OF MONEY on Vik-IIs. Its a heck of a transmitter, the only one that I know of that was designed & build Mil Spec by Johnson in that era.

And I would be willing to do some partial swapping for Johnson panels, bezels, & cabs, mostly J500s & Rangers. Btw, the Ranger II is the same layout as the Ranger 1. For those of you that have not visited my web page, please do so. I have a brand new screen printing press that I would like to use more, hi.
Warm regards
Dee Almquist
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