HQ-110 parts needed (antenna coil for 40 meters etc)

Al Parker anchor at EC.RR.COM
Thu Apr 8 12:47:53 EDT 2004

Hi Deane,
    Not a lot of help, but at least the clock crystal is available, a
vacuum molded job, looks/works good, I've bought from him.  Go to The
Hammarlund Historian website to "service" secn and you'll find the source,
and maybe some other leads for parts.
    There's an outfit named Klockit or something close, that may have
hands that'll fit.  Try a google search for the name.  They MAY hv small
knobs too, not sure.  They have kits and parts for clocks.
Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC
BoatAnchors appreciated here

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From: "Deane McIntyre" <dmcintyr at ucalgary.ca>
Subject: HQ-110 parts needed (antenna coil for 40 meters etc)

> My current BA project is an HQ-110 which for
> the most part works well but is in need of
> an antenna coil for the 40 meter band. This
> is T9, Hammarlund part no. K38928-1. It is
> the aluminum can located at the rear of the
> chassis, beside the trimmer cap for the 100 kc
> calibration xtal osc. Will trade (have many tubes available)
> or pay cash.
> In this rx the clock is working but is missing its hands,
> crystal, and also the small knob just below it (the "off/
> on/auto" for the clock). Any source for these parts?
> 73,
> Deane McIntyre VE6BPO
> Deane at deane.bio.ucalgary.ca
> http://deane.bio.ucalgary.ca

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