AM Broadcast Band Crystals

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Thu Apr 15 03:52:18 EDT 2004

For sale:
Several AM Broadcast Band Crystals in various holders.

FREQ            BRAND       Holder
1183.125 kHz    Eidson      Lg 3/4" spaced pins abt 1/10" dia.
1300.00  kHz    FT243
1400.00  kHz    Generic     HC6/U
1485.40  kHz    Rex Bassett Lg 3/4" spaced pins abt 1/10" dia.
1505.00  kHz    FT243
1506.875 kHz    Bliley      Type MC75 1/2" pins like FT243
1690.00  kHz    JAN         Type DC34 3/4" spaced pins 1/8"

I will sell these for $6.00 each plus shipping.

73s - Brian

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