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I've seen several pieces of British Heath gear on Ebay in the
past...they're out there!

PS:  The definitive example of radio group
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At 04:17 AM 4/15/04 -0400, Brian Carling wrote:
>Heathkit-Daystrom, UK - The Untold Story
>I had an incredible talk with G3UUR in England on the phone yesterday.
>Dave is writing a series of articles for Electric Radio Magazine.
>The first is going to be out any day now in the May issue, and it's
>all about the history of Heathkit's factory in England run as
>"Heathkit-Daystrom."  Their stuff was entirely different and ALL made over
>Anyone ever see a DX-100U  with the lid that raises up?
>Yes there were some similarities, but even the CASES
>of the rigs were built by Plessey and were not from over here.
>They had a number of models of ham equipment that never sold in the USA.
>Much of this information has never been documented anywhere,
>and was about to be lost forever.  Dave has interviewed the
>aging gentlemen who ran the U.K. Heathkit operation and
>recorded what he could find out.  I am really looking forward to reading
the article!
>73s to all - Brian, AF4K / G3XLQ
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