HA1 Keyer Success!

Rinkie & Ron Pollack rinkies at ADELPHIA.NET
Sat Apr 17 19:42:06 EDT 2004

Thanks to all who responded to my query on the sidetone on the HA1 keyer.
Several people told me that the voltage across the bulb should be about 90V.
When I measured, there was none!  Although the 2.7 meg resistor measured ok
in the circuit, when I put the proper resistance across it (courtesy of my
1958 Heathkit Res sub box!), the bulb lit and sidetone sidetoned.  Replaced
the resistor, and all is well.  It's a nice addition to the
AT1/HQ170/VF1/Matchbox 1950s station that I use frequently!

Thanks to all who took the time!

Ron K2RP

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